Sfigati can be translated as “Losers”. This song is a metaphor of the pyramidal system of today’s society, where the Sfigati at the bottom represent the great majority of the population, who obey subconsciously to the indoctrination of the powers above. This song is a wish for an inversion in the pyramid, whereby the masses will create a self-determined society and the powers on top will be the new Sfigati.

Direction Ortiche
Animation, tricks and plasticine: Francesca de Bassa

DP: The Overlooks
Editing: Baldassarre Moreto and Francesco Moroni Spidalieri
Production Luca Bosonetto for DEWREC
Sounds (off): MORETONI
Deconstruction of russian: Nadia Azetova
Game’s consultant : Leandro Arnaudo
Special Guest: Fabrizio Curti

Thanks to Tony and pool Play 2000

Stiliti present their new song “Sfigati” – Authors: P. Morello – S. Ronco – direction: Giuseppe Verlucca Moreto.

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.reverbnation.com/stiliti/song/17242157-sfigati-2013