Unci Dunci Music Workshops


Unci Dunci Trinci is a young project that aims to promote the musical language associated with that imaginative literature. Through workshops and initiatives designed for children aged 0 to 6 years , Unci Dunci Trinci is sponsored by the School of Music * UPGB ( People’s University Gregory Bateson ) of Modena .


The idea was born from the collaboration of musicians / music therapists , social workers, and educators of the choral and instrumental group Hologram – CEMU project ( European Centre for Music Therapy ) , with the Institute sponsored MEME- Modena .


Unci Dunci Trinci asked me to give the project an imagery, from the logo to the website, passing through flyers and puppets.
I opted for a fairy atmosphere and some animal like characters that enjoys their time dancing and playing music, in order to lead the message of communicating through music, played or listened.

The project translated into images what we wanted to express in our laboratories . Done in a very short time despite the short notice, we are 100% pleased with the result! Giulia Napolitano - Unci Dunci Trinci


Unci Dunci Trinci


Art Direction, Design, Branding