Hi, my name is Franci

Who am I?

I like to sing, I like to laugh, I like to think
I like to dance, I like to smile, I like to drink
I like weird monsters and I adore them when they stink
I like when walking next to handsome guys they wink

I studied art, literature and animation
and my whole life can be called “procrastination”
traveling around worlds is certainly my vocation
driving my golden airplane led by immagination

Love Refrain

Arguably the most visually arresting animated film of the festival, “Love Refrain” is a gorgeous blend of CG animation and watercolour. It is a short that uses the animated medium to great effect as a homeless man finds a working radio in a rubbish dump. Thus begins an unusual love story between the two as the relationship goes through its many stages, from the heady heights of a new romance to a bitter break-up. It is a quirky, unexpected but delightful film that should find many fans at XpoNorth.

Film showcasing review
by @XpoNorth 2015


BEST ANIMATION – Silk Road Film Festival (Dublin) 2015
BEST EMILIA ROMAGNA FILMAKER – Mondo Piccolo Cinematografico – Brescello Film Festival (Brescello) 2015
BEST ANIMATION – Figari Film Festival (Golfo Aranci – OT ) 2015
Nomination_Best Freelancer award YunoJuno 2017
Nomination_Best Freelancer award YunoJuno 2018
SILVER MEDAL_London X4 Seasonal Film Festival 2020
Nomination_Best Freelancer award YunoJuno 2020 Covid Edition
WINNER_ Best Freelancer Movie & Motion YunoJuno 2023

Art Residency at the Fontevraud Abbey October 2020 (Nothing We Say Film)
ASF 2020 (January-May 2021)
Video Mapping Art Residency at the Fontevraud Abbey July 2021


SPACE / LCN Showcase 5th Edition
Opening: Thu 13 Sep Showcase: Fri 14 – Sat 15 Sep
SPACE Mare Street
Presentation of new personal film “Nothing we say can change what we’ve been through”

Fontevraud Abbey September 2020
Pitch and exhibition of the film “Nothing we say can change what we’ve been through”

Fontevraud Abbey 27th November 2021 / 7th March 2022
Video Mapping for NOËL À FONTEVRAUD

Currently working as Animation Director in London, represented by Savage Films, I’m available for freelance work, collaboration, ideas or simple chats. I also offer some of my time for free consultation to charities, write me to know more.