Nothing we say can change what we've been through

Nothing we say is a film about the difficulty of talking. Is a film about mental health and anxiety, about relationship and illness. Is the journey inside thoughts and memories that keeps on looping and the impossibility of sharing them. How can we deal with pain?

This project was realised in collaboration with the London Creative Network (LCN), culminating in a premiere of the trailer at the renowned Space Gallery in London.

This project enjoyed the NEF Animation Residency in Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, Odyssée Program – ACCR, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture, the French Region Pays de la Loire and the CNC.

This project’s creators are recognised by FILMD Accreditation, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in filmmaking.

The film has been finally completed on the 15th of February 2024.

The animation is made of several styles and materials, each scene is an experimental language and the sound and music are giving an added meaning to the images showed.
The film itself is a personal dialogue that can be read in different levels.

Winner of BEST SUPER SHORT FILM at Cambridge Short Film Festival 2024
Winner of BEST ANIMATED FILM at Reale Film Festival April-May 2024
Honourable Mention for BEST ANIMATION at Absurd Film Festival 2024
Official Selection at Sunrise Film Festival 2024
Official Selection at Golden Short Film Festival July 2024


Francesca de Bassa

Production Company



Francesca de Bassa, Ludovica Di Benedetto, Francesca Macciò, Emma Vasile


Abordaje (Hélène Dedieu)


Avec Ou Sans Vous

Original Music


Sound Design

Francesca de Bassa

Voice Artist

Elizabeth Young

Poster Design

Alberto Bello

Press Kit


SPACE / LCN Showcase 5th Edition (TRAILER)
13-15th September 2018
SPACE Gallery
Mare Street, London

Cambridge Short Film Festival
9th July 2024

Sunrise Film Festival
1-4th August 2024
Lowestoft, Suffolk