Sea Girls _ Do you really wanna know?

Very fun project I had the pleasure to work on during this lock down.
We managed to work fully remotely, between UK and Italy, and having the band’s members taking pictures in their homes for us to animate.

“The video, directed by world class animator Francesca de Bassa, takes the band’s own self isolated photography and brings them to life as kaleidoscopic, animated collages. What starts as an empty canvas soon turns into an absurd world swarming with anthropomorphic characters – a colourful and playful live concert of moving images where the lines between reality and fantasy blur. The band have also been keeping busy in lockdown, releasing isolation ‘Living Room’ live performances and becoming the first band to host Netflix Parties with their fans. If all goes well, Sea Girls will play their next show on November 2nd in Glasgow, Scotland.

Francesca recently created a captivating film on mental health awareness, which, in line with the personal lyrical themes of the song and topics that the band have discussed openly, made her the perfect fit to bring the subject matter to life.”

Directed, Designed & Animated by Francesca de Bassa
Produced by Greatcoat Films for Polydor Records (Universal Music)

Francesca de Bassa – Design & Animation
Ludovica Di Benedetto – Animation & 2D effects
Francesca Maccio’ – Design & Animation


Polydor Records (Universal Music)


Greatcoat Films


Kareem Adeshina


Francesca de Bassa


Ludovica Di Benedetto


Francesca Maccio'

Francesca for Greatcoat Films