TINALS – THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG is collective project by New Monkey Press Records, an italian company in between a publishing house and a music label, that merge together different realities, from music and comic art to graphic design and illustration.

It’s not a real cassette, so don’t worry about dusting off your tape player if you still got one, the real track of the featured song can be streamed or downloaded at its relative link on the Bandcamp page of the project. But it’s a way to bring back to life a cult object loved by many nostalgic vintage fetishists, and give the plastic case to designers and illustrators to transform it again in a collection artwork.

The artwork itself is the illustration printed on the folded booklet – of a love song – from different genres, from folk to metal, from underground to pop – that the artist has interpreted in his own way.

New Monkey Production

In collaboration with:
To Lose La Track



This Is Not A Love Song


Illustration, Music

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