Autore: LaFranci

Cambridge Short Film Festival 2024

We won the Best Super Short Film at the Cambridge Film Festival!!

🎬🎉 Amazing news! “Nothing We Say Can Change What We’ve Been Through” won Best Super Short Film at the Cambridge Short Film Festival last Friday! The event was lovely, even though public speaking, hair combing and posing for pictures aren’t my strong suits. Huge thanks to the festival organisers for their impeccable taste in selecting my film. Jokes aside, it was an honour to be screened alongside such incredible short films. Thank you all! 🌈💕✨ 

YunoJuno Freelancer Awards 2023

I won the YunoJuno Awards 2023 for Film & Motion!

I am extremely happy for this award! Being a freelancer is not always extremely rewarding as , the most of the times, we work behind the scenes. YunoJuno is giving recognitions to us and that’s something I am super grateful for! If you want to see my awkwardness and why I work behind the camera and striclty not in fron of it you can see the video of the awards below! Love to you all!!

Savage Films

I am suuuuuper excite to be part of the talent roaster of Savage Films! I hope next year will mean load of new great projects!!!

Virtual Production

I had the luck to work with Final pixel for the past 8 months on Virtual Production. We worked on a lot of projects and I could art direct and R&D that mixed Motion Capture with VP. It was incredibly exciting!🥳.  Have a look at the behind the scenes HERE.

Video Mapping

Together with Francesca Macciò I spent the whole July in the beautiful Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud to work on a video-mapping animation which will go live during winter time on the main façade of the abbey. I am very honoured by the trust given us and I’m very excited to share the result in the next months! Thanks once again for this opportunity!
Hold on until the 27th of November when there will be the inauguration🎉

Deep Focus Film Festival

I am super happy to announce that Do You Really Wanna Know music video has been selected for the Deep Focus Film Festival in New York!! Woop Woop!!!Check it out!


Grand Atelier Toccafondo

It finally happened and I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the workshop given by Toccafondo at the Abbey of Fontevraud! It’s been great, super nice people and Toccafondo himself is such a great and fun human.

Thanks to NEF animation for giving me this other amazing opportunity!



And yes, it finally happened, I made my first live action video! It made me incredibly stressed and happy and I loved every moment of it!

Thanks to the amazing Greatcoat films studio that trusted me and all the great team that made it possible!


DirectorFrancesca de Bassa
Head of MusicKareem Adeshina
Head of Production / Executive ProducerSandra Spethmann
Producer + ADLucy Miles
Production ManagerGrace Evans
Music CommissionerAilsa Robertson
Art DirectorJakob Woolston
DOPAlfred Thirolle
GafferSam Donvito
Hair and MUAMichelle Leandra
StylistPatricia Humm
RunnerTekla Szocs
Van driverCraig Moore
ColouristMyles Bevan
EditorFrancesca de Bassa
Lilly DoubleLilly Douse

APD Conference

APD Conference

From today Nothing We Say is going to be on tour pitching at the APD! Wish it good luck!!

Projects 2021

LogoGo Mental! International Short Film Festival

Go Mental! International Short Film Festival

I am incredibly excited to announce that Do You Really Wanna Know music video has been selected for the Go Mental! International Film Festival


Woop Woop!!!


Check it out!